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Subterranean Lake

This environment is intended to be game ready for a stylized RPG or perhaps an exploration game.

This is a revised version of an earlier project I was originally assigned while attending college. I thought this environment had a lot of intrigue and story telling potential which is why I decided to go back and fix it up a bit. Some of the revisions and improvements I have made are: better lighting, proper water reflections, droplets and ripples (from Epic's Particle Effects Demo project), some spectacular maps, some LODs, new materials, improved fly through,  revised ground foliage, new title static object, etc.

Going into this project initially, I conceived of lighting the entire scene with emissive light only, but quickly realized that was not possible. The final lighting solution was achieved with a combination of emissive materials, point lights, and an ambient light.


Programs used: Maya, Photoshop, UE 4, xNormal, Mudbox, 

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