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Community Stuff

She Calls

A diorama featuring character and environment art I did for an unreleased indie game titled “She Calls”. I worked with several other creators on the game for around two months in my spare time with the aim of releasing on PC.  We were going for a stylized, low poly aesthetic as seen in The Witness, Shelter, and The Long Dark.

Gift Stop - Run for Stuff
Created for the Run for Stuff app.
This model was made to represent loot boxes that players would be rewarded with once they reached certain geo locations tracked in the app.

Game Jam Stuff

Cheer Up

Third place winner in the 2015 Extra Life Game Jam. Created by a team of three developers in 24 hours.


I made the characters and cheerUps (heart, star, dollar sign). The environment is from the Unity store.

Parallel Drive

Third place winner in the 2015 GDX Super Jam. Created by a team of five developers in one week.


I contributed some of the models and textures in game, as well as, project management.

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